We are redefining creating outdoor living environments

We offer you and your clients the ability to preview mature, complete outdoor living environments. We have found that this helps homeowners to be more specific and knowledgable about committing to larger budget projects.

By viewing first hand how materials can be combined, layered and installed has proven to create a better contractor/client relationship from the outset of a project.

Impeccable Design Support

We are a powerful resource to help build your business

By partnering with The Nursery, you will have access to our vast resource library of hardscape, softscape, furniture and decor living products.

We respect your relationship with your client and therefore our design support team can deftly work either  hands-on or in the background of your project to help you to provide broader and more compelling design options for your customers.

Personal Consultations

Schedule a personalized meeting with our knowledgable design team.

Stop by & Browse

Just looking to be inspired and get some great ideas. Stop by during our normal business hours and take a stroll.

Curated Design Solutions

We offer complete interior design support services

Interior Design Support Services

Our interior design group can offer elegant living solutions to go with your clients perfect outdoor sanctuary. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated interior design team to learn more about our services.

We Bring Design Excellence

We help your projects to say WOW!

  • A wide variety of specimen trees in stock and ready to plant
  • Vast experience in the creation and installation of pools, spas and decorative water features.
  • Design review and solution support for project assurance 
  • Shrubs, plants, flowers and ground covers displayed in unique finished vignettes for your clients to view. 
  • We can help and advise about home entertainment and automation systems indoors and outdoors.

  • Ask us about our services related to  Elegant Home Interior solutions.

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